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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Being a gypsy and waiting......

Moving sucks. I always hate the first 6 months when we move.....and we move a lot. We moved from Colorado Springs. I was never a big fan of the way the Springs "looked"- very flat and brown. But boy, did I have great friends there. They made the Springs "home"- and I haven't had that since we left NY 8ish years ago. Now we are in Florida. I was excited to come here since I'd never have to bundle up and worry about snowdays but man is it hard to meet people. Our neighborhood is one of those new- everything looks exactly the same communities. I joke that the whole street actually leaves for work at the same time- all waving together of course "good morning neighbor", "nice day, hey".......blah blah blah.....nobody plays outside with their kids- what do they do all day? We go to the beaches and we are the only ones there- weird. I know (when I am not feeling sorry for myself) that it takes time and eventually we will meet people- great people I'm just sucks getting to that point.


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