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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My Obsession.....

American guilty pleasure. I have been disappointed the last two weeks. I'll admit, country music is not my thing so it is hard to "get into" the songs- that being said.....doesn't country music have more interesting songs to choose from? I'm finding it hard to believe that the songs we heard last night were the "best of the best"......Taylor was a huge disappointment- but to be fair this was his first performance that wasn't great......Paris was a disappointment too but I'm bored with her anyway. Chris did well considering this is totally NOT his thing......Katherine also sounded good but I did not get the song.....on a funny note: while she was singing my husband you think she means the young good looking Elvis or the fat toilet bowl Elvis......he has a great somewhat sarcastic sense of humor.....I love it! Anyway.....Here's to hoping Kelly Pickler goes home- I sure hope that girl has some smart people in her corner. I hate to think what she'll be taken for if she doesn't.
I thought I'd introduce myself during this are a few things about me:
1. I am the oldest of 5
2. I married my highschool sweetheart
3. I have two boys- the oldest starts Kindergarten this August and the youngest will begin potty training this summer
4. I was born and raised in upstate NY
5. I lived in England for almost 4 oldest son was born there
6. I've been to Africa
7. I am covered in children believe each freckle is a sign of a leprechaun kissing you!
8. We are working very hard to save enough money to begin the process of bringing our daughter home from China
9. Our goal is to send in our application to CCAI Jan. 1st
10. I announced at the age of 11 that I was going to adopt a little girl from China.......some dreams do come true!
11. You can often find me dancing in my living room with two very handsome boys- making up our own lyrics to songs in commercials
12. I love books, photography, music, and depends on the day which I love the most
13. I am addicted to reality TV
14. I love to cook
15. I don't miss working outside of the home (but somedays I miss GOING someplace outside of the home!)


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