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Sunday, July 15, 2007

She is a DREAM!

Wow! what a trip. We were upgraded on our trip over so that was a GREAT way to begin our journey. We had so many layovers and stops that it took a very long time to get to China- but once there we took it all in. Nanjing had so many beautiful places to visit and the Haagen Daaz right next to our hotel was a nice touch! Our daughter came to the Civil Affairs Office the morning of July 2- we got there early so we watched her van pull up and she walked right in- she got pretty nervous when she saw so many new people in there (there were 3 other families meeting their children that same day!) She cried a bit but would play with us as long as she sat in the (not hers) nanny's lap. She eventually went to us but was still a bit timid. By the end of the 1st day we had her in smiles- she napped for us, ate, pooped and slept through the night- and although we have our share of 2 year old temper tantrums (she turned 2 six days after we met her) she has transitioned well and is quite attached to us. My husband had to leave 2 days after we arrived in China so I did the rest of the trip by myself- by the time we left Nanjing she was giving me kisses, hugs and even calling me Mama! (ahhhh- are there sweeter words?)- We had a nice time in GZ- enjoyed the shopping- not the weather! (hot and HUMID....and don't forget, I live in Florida!)- I also enjoyed not feeling like my very own circus show- Nanjing was lovely but we definitely stood out- and yes, they LOVE to check out blue eyes!-
The shopping was amazing- in both places- and we saw a few instances of the split pants in action.........I thank God everyday that kids do not use our sidewalks in America as their personal toilets!
China was amazing- I so enjoyed the experience and I will be forever grateful for my precious beautiful perfect daughter- but I am glad to be home- I missed my boys, my bed and ice- and she is HOME!
The boys and the princess are getting along great- they play together and have found lots of ways to communicate....basically, Ms. E. has her brothers (and her parents!) wrapped around those tiny little fingers......
I won't bore you with any other are a few pics.


At 6:17 PM, Blogger Liene said...

She's so beautiful!!! Can't wait to see more photos of her. Glad you had a good trip to China! Can't wait for my turn - which won't be anytime soon. :(

At 10:20 AM, Blogger PickleChatter said...


Congratulations! So glad you all are home.


At 2:57 PM, Blogger "MissMeliss" said...

Congratulations! She is beautiful. We just came home 6 weeks ago. :) I'm in Love and NO, there isn't a sweeter word than Mama!

I am single and doing it with one lovely, I can't imagine 3 right now! (does the puppy count?!)



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