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Thursday, November 06, 2008

A new day!

I have been very emotional about Obama winning this election- I stood right up and cheered when they announced his victory- and then my eyes filled with tears....happy tears. Our country voted for change- we voted for hope- and it was a victory filled with passion. There will not be a recount- no protesting in the streets- our victory was won without controversy........and for that I am a very very thankful American.

I look at my boys- proud, intelligent compassionate boys- and think they get to live in an America that does not know limits- no limits for them and no limits for their friends.....I am proud.

I look at my daughter- intelligent, compassionate and a survivor and think- you get to live in an America that no longer will judge you because you look will be judged on what you bring to the table......I am proud.

I look at my husband - smart, hard working, willing to sacrifice for people he's never met and I think ahhhhh- you serve your country now and you can believe!.....I am proud.

I am proud! I am inspired! I am filled with hope!

I would also like to say that I am also very thankful for John McCain- he is a true American hero- he has served his country for his whole adult life and although I do not agree with many of his politics I would have supported his presidency.

this is a new day- a new start- one filled with potential......I am excited!


At 6:59 AM, Blogger Melissa said...

Great Post!!!


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