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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The house that could not get healthy.....

Once upon a time in a land placed directly on the sun a family spent their days trying not to be sick- let me introduce the cast.......
Frankenstitch- 3 years old. favorite food: "pucker roni pizza" favorite toy: whatever her brothers have. most often heard saying: "yuc a do" (translates to "yes I do") She has no fear, no boundaries and apparently no balance- she flings herself head first into granite requiring lots of towels to stop bleeding and 6 stitches.

next up:
Virus Boy- 7 years old. favorite food: whatever you put in front of him. Favorite toy: his ripstick. Most often heard saying: sorry.He rarely gets sick but when he does- look out- it is the virus that keeps on mutating- nothing seems to help and just when you think you beat it- surprise- fever back, patches on his throat.....a cough that won't quit- but alas, no strep.....just wait it out the doc says.....virus boy flings his long hippy hair out of his face and says "sure doc, I can do that".

and finally for your laughing and pointing pleasure:
Gunk Eye- 5 years old. Favorite food- depends on the day (he's a moody eater like his meeme). Favorite toy: toss up between his wii and his scooter. Most often heard saying: "that's what you get". He likes to keep up with the Jones'- not to be outdone by frankenstitch and virus boy Gunk eye conjured up a bacterial infection in his right eye spontateously today around 3pm- I guess he took the phrase "Your up MonkeyMan" to heart. He was a real trooper at the doctor's office- not complaining once- he smiled, won them over with that smile and somehow walked out of the pharmacy with a gallon of ice cream for his troubles.......

Stay tuned for our next addition of "The house that could not get healthy". Will it be the husband? Will Frankenstitch out do herslef and break a bone? Will Virus Boy ACTUALLY contract a disease with a cure? or will Gunk eye mutate into ball of puss and spread his ickiness all over the land......who knows, what you can be sure of is that the mom will not get a day off- even if it ends up being her turn to catch something!


At 12:14 PM, Blogger Melissa said...

Too Cute!


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