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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Single mom.....again!

overheard at my house a few nights ago.....
Spaceman: "do you want the good news or the bad news"?
Me: "ummmmm- good news"!
Spaceman: "I got picked up for SOS"! (squadron officer school)
Me: "that is fantastic! good for you. Congratulations" (totally forgetting what is to follow!)
Spaceman: "thanks"
Me: .....I go about my words.
Spaceman: "well, do you want the bad news"?
Me: "oh yeah, I forgot....what"?
Spaceman: "I leave Sunday"
Me: "oh, wow- that is bad news"..... (banging my head against the counter.....)

so I'm a single mom again- I do not know how both of our moms did it- three kids each- but I hate the periods of time that I'm on my own.....our family works better when we are all under one roof. We'll get through it- we always do.......there are lots of advantages of being a military family but this sure is one of the disadvantages........


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