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Monday, September 10, 2007

September 11th

This is a day that brings so much emotion- a day where sadness, fear and anger take over. A day none of us will ever forget- or ever forgive.........I was in my empty house in England when I heard- we had spent the last 4 years living abroad and we were packed and ready to move back to the States- our plans were postponed for a bit- we were on edge- everyone we loved and cared about lives in NY- and I had already shut my phone off. I cradled my 9 month old son and cried- I looked to my husband for protection- we moved onto the Military base where the soldiers were in full battle gear- just incase. We were searched each and every time we tried to come back on to the base- it took hours. England was so good to us- they were compassionate, they lost souls too. Their flags payed respect to our country- they held moments of silence in the grocery stores........Every year when this date falls- we remember we are sad once again.

Now, I sit here on the eve of the worst day in our countries history and I am filled with mixed emotion- 6 years ago was the saddest day in my life.......1 year ago my family was completed. September 11, 2006 we were matched with our daughter- our family was completed on the anniversary of a day that tore families apart........bitter sweet.


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