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Monday, March 17, 2008

7 Random Things about ME!

Yeah Me....I've been tagged by a great family ( ) who will always hold a special place in my heart.....I met them in China- our daughters are from the same SWI and I love that they'll have that connection- so here it goes:

1) I'm full Irish- both of my parents have had a sibling that has delved into their heritage and straight through we are Irish.......funny enough, my husband is almost everything EXCEPT Irish! (My boys say they are half Irish and half daddy!)

2) I am seriously afraid of mice and anything that resembles a mouse- to include the pet hamster in my son's preschool class.....the teacher and kids find it funny to chase me around the room with Mo.

3) I was born and raised in Upstate NY right around the corner from my husband- we miss the area and can not wait to move back....some day....when he retires.

4) I have freakishly strong (yet small) hands and can give a great massage.

5) I am the reigning backgammon champion- NOBODY has beaten me since sometime in 2006. (I suppose I should mention that I only play my husband!)

6) I love to travel but I do not prefer to do "touristy" things.....I like to get lost in the city/town and hang out with the locals.

7) I get excited very easily but do not handle the anticipation that comes with that very well.......

that's it.......I tag the Mullins Boys (PW) and Baby Monkey Girl! (link in the sidebar)


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