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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Answer to a question:

Someone mentioned that they did not think Obama could meet the expectations placed on him....that he was taking on too much at one time and he was not capable of the is my response.....

can he do it alone? absolutely not- but what he can do is inspire the American people to do their part- and I think yesterday his speech was proof that he IS capable of that. I don't think it is anyone's expectation that the President can change our circumstances- not alone anyway. Bush did not make this mess alone and Obama can not clean it up alone.....we ALL have responsibility and the collective American people have been sitting by long enough giving away OUR is time to take back the control and get involved- expect more- more from our leaders and most importantly more from ourselves......the line I say most to my children is so perfect for this "Stop expecting more from the people around you than you yourself are willing to give"......that should be the motto we take into this next term- and then maybe our country will prosper!


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