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Friday, April 07, 2006

My oldest son is one imaginative child......very creative. He makes up games at the drop of a hat and the things that pop out of his mouth floor me......yesterday he was playing "magician" with my younger son......they were waving their magic wands turning each other into funny things.....monsters, yummy snacks, turtles, went on and on and they caught me giggling at them which in childland means I obviously want to play- so I was now the target of their magic. The 2 year old turns me into a I bounce bounce bounce. The 5 year old turns me into a I chase and roar.....the 2 year old turns me into a kitten....meow meow meow.....the 5 year old ....and it goes on and on.....the last "change" was when my 5 year old turned me into a tooth- which was followed by "ha ha ha you're a tooth you can't do anything".......ohhhh I say- so you challenge I chase him around "chomping" singing some crazy song about wanting a yummy snack to chomp on......he turns around and begins chasing me and announces "I am a cavity"! I lost it and laughed for a very long time.....clever kid!
sidenote 1: I have a great husband.....he came home and told me to "take the night off".... who doesn't love to hear that! So what is a girl to do? Shoe shopping of course!
sidenote 2: To Stacey and Aimee- thank you for your comments yesterday- my husband and I are going to sit down this weekend and seriously talk about our options.....we appreciate it!


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