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Thursday, May 03, 2007

My Rant.....

originally my rant today was going to be about the wait.....but I'm putting that post aside for another day because this one deserves to be heard.

I am so mad. Our children go to school for 6ish hours a day- 5 days a week and one teacher provides them an education- she loves our kids, she nurtures them, and she fills their brains with tons and tons of good things (I know this because my son gives me a play by play of each waking moment in the classroom!)

So here it is the week before teacher appreciation week at our school and our teacher says please, I have plenty- if you must do something please help me donate to the orphanage I volunteer at in the summer. As the room mom it is my responsibility to rally the other parents together and organize this- which I do as it is close to my heart too.

3 people folks....that is all.....3 people donated. Well, 4 if you count me. These are not struggling families- these are very comfortable, nice car driving, expensive house owning families......and I'm not even asking for a set was left open to donate what you could.......

One of the moms is the "team mom" for our sons soccer team- she is collecting for the end of year coaches gift- great coach- I'd love to donate- she somehow thinks that the coach should get more than HER SONS TEACHER......"she after all, gets paid" I took it upon my very angry self to educate her on just how much she does for our children- how much of her own money gets spent on our children- how she is often found in the classroom on Saturday and vacations preparing things for our children- do you think she got

I LOVE TEACHERS. I think that they should be paid one of the highest salaries in our country- I do not care what a district pays- it is NOT enough. I've seen a day in the life of a teacher- and it is hard- it is exhausting- I'm not saying it isn't without its rewards....but each and every reward is earned and earned the hard way.

If I hear the argument one more time about how teachers only work half a year I think I may go crazy- that is how many days our children go to school- not how many days a teacher works. They are in there before we drop our kids off, they are there after we pick them up- they are there on weekends, vacations and all of the mandated teacher in service days. Most are even contracted to work a certain number of hours over the summer.

So that is my rant. These very comfortable people will not or have forgotten to donated to the teacher appreciation gift- one that she is using to help less fortunate children.......amazing.


At 2:39 PM, Blogger Kimber said...

I whole heartedly agree. I am the room Mom too and it is interesting where people put their money. So sorry. I would have donated:)



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