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Friday, December 19, 2008

The State of the Union.....

I've been neglecting this blog- so both of you who read it please accept my apology! We've had a lot on our plate these last few weeks and not just the holidays!

We've had a birthday in our house.....Jr. Spaceman turned 8. Yes, 8! How do I have an 8 year old? We took 10 of his friends ice skating and had a blast. It was really so much fun.

We've been dealing with the flu- yuck. It is quite possible that I will never ever be able to see, smell or eat chocolate ice cream after seeing what I saw.....and had to clean up.

and the news that has thrown me for a loop is we are moving to Vegas....yes, as in Las Vegas Nevada. We are guessing we move in July- hoping is more like it though. That way the kids will be done with school but the new schools will not have started yet. Vegas is not what we had in mind AT ALL......we were hoping to stay on the east coast- and possibly a bit more north-

hope you all have a Happy Holiday