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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Works For Me Wednesday

Playing Rocks In My Dryer: Works For Me Wednesday along with Shannon today. My tip is for teaching toddlers to catch. Use a balloon filled with air (not helium- unless you are like my mom and only out for a good laugh). Remind them to keep their eye on the balloon and to catch with their hands- The balloon moves through air slower than a ball will and gives the child time to learn to track. It also allows you time to "remind" them to keep their eyes on if they miss there won't be a bruise! Worked for me.....twice!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I can't hear you....

Please be patient while I act like a 2 year old. If I cover my ears and don't look at you that means I can't hear you right? And we all know if I can't hear you then what you are saying doesn't count right?.....all of you with preschoolers know this rule, do you think China does as well? Apparently there is a statement coming out regarding wait times or quotas or requirements......I'm not sure which is more annoying- China setting new rules or my husband being so freakin' calm and saying "we'll just have to wait and see"......AGHHHHHHH! I already know I have no choice but to wait and see what the actual announcement is- to quote my 5 year old "duhhhhhh"! I am emotional he is rational- I suppose this normally works out well but right now I am needing a reaction from him- and not a calm one......must be a man thing. I think for him he doesn't already "see" her- he just knows and trusts that she is out there- somewhere/anywhere....I "see" her and she is Chinese-

Friday, May 26, 2006

And Mother of the Year Is.......

not me! My boys are in swimming lessons. H is in a mommy and me class and has actually done quite well considering for the first 2.5 years of his life he was landlocked and the only body of water he new was the tub. X on the other hand has a small phobia for anything above his shoulders going under water. I "knew" session 1 was going to be tough for him. and parts of it were. There were some tears, some "I don't want to's", and lots of bathroom breaks during class. We did have a break through during week 2 when he learned (and rather enjoyed) to use the kickboard. He then even began blowing bubbles and would (while plugging his nose) dunk his face under.
I was not bothered by his fear. I knew that if he stuck with it and was exposed to water on a regular basis he'd be fine and maybe by next summer would be swimming. X is one of those kids that doesn't have to work at much. Most things come very easy to him. He taught himself to read last year, he learned to ride a two wheeler at age 4 with only a 20 minute verbal lesson from his dad- things just come easy to him. So I was happy that this was going to take time- he was going to get a great life lesson here- learn the value of practice, building up his confidence...blah blah blah.
So when I realized that wed. would be "test" day I prepped X. I told him that he has learned a lot and everyone can't be good at everything. It was okay if he had to repeat level 1- he'd get a certificate of participation- not a level card to move up. you know- prepped him for not passing! Yesterday they received their cards- can you believe that little stinker passed! Yup- he is in level 2 next session.
So WHY do I not get mother of the year award you ask.........all of my prepping has scared him- he doesn't want to go to level 2- he says he is not ready- "you even said so Mama". Great, NOW you listen to me?

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Taylor is the Idol!

Well the show was a bit long for my taste and some of the guest "Stars" left a bit to be desired but I'm glad for the outcome- Once Chris was removed from the competition I wanted Taylor to win. He is the Ultimate underdog and it is always good to see the underdog come out on top. There was something about Kat that rubbed me the wrong way- I got a very phony feeling from her but Taylor seems to wear his heart on his sleeve and I imagine him in 10 years with lots of fame and still as humble as he is today. Sad to see the show end- Now it is time to dust that library card off!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Works for me Wednesday.....

Before we had kids one of my hobbies was scrapbooking. I loved it! I had all of the tools- once a month I went to a "crop" with my girlfriends and we had a blast. After 4 moves and 2 children I have found myself unable to "catch up" with their books. I did manage to get their baby books done but my goal of a book a year has not been realized. I found shutterfly has a template and a wide selection of books to choose from. I finished my 2nd sons 2 year old book in one hour. My digital pics are already uploaded to their site and after a few minutes of transferring our non-digital pics to the site his book (including journaling) is done! I will be switching to this mode of scrapping from now on. I'll miss the crops but it is nice to be caught up and stress free! Works for me!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Elliott bites the dust.....

well goodbye to Elliott. I thought it would be him to leave. I'm still not happy with the final two but what is a girl to do. The NASTY rumors are starting again on THAT web page. I'm not even an official member of the adoption community and I am "addicted" to the rumors. I need to go cold turkey. I am leaving for NY for a few weeks (although not until July) I'm NOT bringing my computer and my M-I-L has dial up so I won't be checking regularly. I am looking forward to that. On a happy front we are doing really well with the savings. We have met our goals and are right on target to mailing in our application on Jan 1. The wait is long but she is worth it. She has a name, some trinkets and 2 parents and 2 brothers who already adore her.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Look out Rock and Roll World......

Here comes my 5 year old X.....he decided today he was going to be a rock and roll guy. Here are the lyrics:

(to get a better picture- he is singing while drumming- eyes closed and swaying to the music)

"You used to be my love. The wonder of my life. You were the coolest girl but you stole my drum stick. You came and then you left. So now I just love my mom again. Break it down now".

It was all I could do to not laugh but he was so serious and really proud of his song! His brother sat next to him swaying back and forth trying to sing along with a "drum stick" up his nose......what little girl wouldn't want to join this family!

(I'm hoping for an encore tonight when dad gets home!)

Monday, May 15, 2006

The message inside my head....

Hello. You've reached Mama. She can't come to your request right now. Please leave a message at the sound of the tone and she'll get back to you as soon as possible. BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP.

What is going on?

Aras? Aras? Are you kidding me? What is going on in reality TV world? First Chris gets kicked off and then Aras wins Survivor? Some weird conspiracy I think. None of it makes any sense- And then to top it off they are going to kill Burke tonight on Grey's- I just know it. Well, I don't know it for sure but all signs point to YES. I'm thinking of swearing off TV- well, probably not but boy am I annoyed!

We had a very wonderful Mother's Day- My boys and husband spoiled me which is always fun once in awhile! My younger son H said to me when I was done opening my gifts....."O-Tay Mama, Now it is H's turn. My birfday next. Me get presents next. O-Tay?"...... (my birthday was a few weeks ago so apparently I've had enough in his opinion! Good thing his birthday is on the 1st!)

He is also potty training. We bribe him with fruit loops (which he calls loops loops). He doesn't eat them- he throws them into the toilet before he pee's and then shoots them with "his shooter"! On a positive note- he has learned his colors! The sound effects are priceless.

X begins swimming lessons this evening. He is very nervous about going under water. He has asked me at least 30 times (he has only been awake for 2 hours) if it would be okay if he tells his teacher he doesn't want to go under today- he thinks he may be ready next week!

well- here's to Burke not dying tonight-

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My Broken Heart.....

Ummmmm, could I have been any more wrong? Wow....did not see that coming. Why Why Why- what is American thinking? Chris is going to do well regardless- but he looked really sad and for some reason I felt really sad for him. More tomorrow......

Judgment Day.....

So we are back to Wed. night and someone has to go- My predictions?
Kat: okay- not her best- she seems nervous to me (and who wouldn't be right?) IF she gets to stay she needs to find a way to get back to her confident self.......
Elliot: Man- didn't get him this week- on either song. The first one I "thought" I heard him off key a few times (and this coming from me, a member of the "Tone Deafs") To say this was his best vocals not in my opinion anyway.
Taylor: I really liked his second is my favorite Elvis song and he did a really good job- his first one was typical Taylor.....which I like- but nothing "WOW" about it.
Chris: well what can I say? I loved both songs- he did really really good- he has developed a lot since the beginning and I don't think I feel that way about any of the others. Chris has learned to step out of his box and yet still stay true to his passion- The others are all great singers but Chris' is the only album I'd buy........
so who then you ask?.......I think Elliot and Kat will be in the bottom two and Kat will go home......If it were up to me and I had the final decision I'd send Taylor home even though he is one of my favorites- but the other 3 have stronger voices......then I'd send Elliot home and then I'd crown Chris "The American Idol"!!!!!

On a different note.....had a dream last night that I found a manila envelope with a lot of money in it. My husband and I tried to find its owners and nobody would claim it (ummmmm obviously a dream since we are in the street yelling, "did anyone lose this envelope with a lot of money in it?) We tried to bring it to the police station and they said there was no way they could find the owners and so we could keep it. We didn't feel right about keeping it so we tried to donate it to our Church and they said they didn't need it (okay, another piece of proof that this was actually a dream!) so that we should use it wisely.........we took it home and counted it. It was exactly what we needed to begin the adoption process! So, I'll be looking hard today while I'm out for that manila envelope!!!!!!! (and since I tried to return the money to all of those places in my dream I don't have to redo them in real life right?)


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

American Idol.....

and now we are down to five. Who goes home tonight? My guess is
Paris- at least that is who I think deserves to go. She has a great voice- but needs to work on her performances- a bit to theater for me.....maybe that is where she belongs.
Chris rocked it AGAIN!- so good- although I agree with my friend Brooke that he needs to have some voice training before he ruins his voice- he sings hard and needs to learn to sing from the diaphram (wow, and I can't even sing in tune!)
Taylor- what can you say about Taylor- he is fun to watch and listen to- I'd go to his concert!- Chris is still my fave but he is in the top 3 for me.
Elliot- I've never really "gotten" him. He has a good voice- great maybe- but it isn't for me. and he lacks charisma....he is one of those singers that will sell albums but not sell out a show- he's boring to watch- I do like his back story though- and has a nice relationship with his mom- always a plus!
Kat.....oh Kat- last weeks wardrobe malfunction and this week WAY off key......I felt so bad for her- she rarely screws up a song but she messed up her first song in my opinion. Her second song was fun and different- not sure I got the whole on her knees thing- but I liked it- she did her thing!

I'm getting excited and sad all at the same time- AI is getting so exciting but that always means it is almost over!- Here's to Paris going home and Chris winning! (My goodness, I hope he doesn't have to sing some slow sappy song at the finale!)

On an adoption note......does anyone have any insight into the rumors flying around that China adoption is closing?- I'm freaking out- Does anyone know anything about which China agencies are trying to get licensed to do Vietnam also? it "Rocky Mt. High"......I'm thinking about calling them......any best guesses on what they'll tell me (or not tell me!)