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Monday, July 10, 2006

Home Ownership?

Man that is going to suck if it is true.....We sold our home when my husband decided to join the Air Force. It does not make sense for us to own a home......We move every 3 years- Wow...This creates a lot of problems......We had just made the decision to start in Sept. and with a China only what do we do? I'm afraid if we continue with our current plan we could end up losing a lot of money- since we will not be able to switch programs......and it will break our hearts as well. Aghhhh and I'm on vacation now- I'm supposed to be relaxing!

On a lighter note- the boys and I packed up the car and drove from Florida to NY- they did great (not a surprise as they have been traveling with us since they were months old)- and we arrived safe and sound and are now being spoiled by friends and family! I love the North East- especially upstate beautiful.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

3...2...1... Blast Off!

On the 4th of July my family and I stood on the edge of the world and watched as time stopped for one moment- we all held our the Discovery and the souls on board put their lives in God's hands- it was amazing. Slowly those around us went back to playing in the ocean, digging in the sand and talking with friends and family. My 3 year old looked at me with tears in his eyes and said....."Me go too- Me want a turn on the buzzy ride". I think the moment was lost on him! (we recently went to Disney and he is slightly obsessed with Buzz Lightyear- he thought the shuttle was Buzz's and since they are friends.....well, you get the picture.)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July! I love this holiday. It is kept simple and true to its origianl spirit. We'll spend the day at the beach- come home and grill and then stay up late ohhhhing and aghhhhhing over some amazing fireworks.......I hope you have a great 4th.