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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I stalk adoption blogs- and I've come to check the "Rumor Queen's" almost everyday- but today it was crazy in there.....My husband comes home from work everyday asking "so what are the rumors today".....Here is what I likened it to.......When a women becomes pregnant she is pregnant for 9 months. When a couple decides to adopt they are "pregnant" for over a year. When a women goes into labor she is this way for 30 or so adopting couple is in labor for 6 or so weeks......either way- they say a lot of mean things due to pain. People can be so mean! I've never seen so many people all struggling to understand the same thing- all wanting the same thing and yet some were pushing others down just so they had something to feel better about. All of the "I deserve this more because...." and "I'm hurting more because".......I understand a women's desire to become and mother and a man's to become a father......I don't think a person can just "decide" that it is worse for them.....most of the people arguing do not even know each other. aghhhhhh as with so many situations in our society we have the opportunity to rise above the situation and come together to support each other.....which, to be fair.....many did. Get angry at the situation....get angry at the injustice of those precious children sitting in a room without a mommy or a daddy to tuck them into bed tonight....don't get angry because someone with 2 bio kids and 2 adopted kids got their dossier logged in before you- one day these people will look back at their actions and be embarrassed.

The measure of a man (or women) is not how we act when things are good- or are going our way. The measure of a human being is how we conduct ourselves when times are hard/bad/difficult. I know these reactions people are having are not driven from meanness but from pain.....I know this is not who they really are.....I hope they don't lose themselves to the journey. I hope it doesn't happen to me.


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