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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Look out Rock and Roll World......

Here comes my 5 year old X.....he decided today he was going to be a rock and roll guy. Here are the lyrics:

(to get a better picture- he is singing while drumming- eyes closed and swaying to the music)

"You used to be my love. The wonder of my life. You were the coolest girl but you stole my drum stick. You came and then you left. So now I just love my mom again. Break it down now".

It was all I could do to not laugh but he was so serious and really proud of his song! His brother sat next to him swaying back and forth trying to sing along with a "drum stick" up his nose......what little girl wouldn't want to join this family!

(I'm hoping for an encore tonight when dad gets home!)


At 6:08 PM, Blogger Katherine@Raising Five said...

THat is hilarious! Was it drumstick (drum) or drumstick (food)?


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