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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Judgment Day.....

So we are back to Wed. night and someone has to go- My predictions?
Kat: okay- not her best- she seems nervous to me (and who wouldn't be right?) IF she gets to stay she needs to find a way to get back to her confident self.......
Elliot: Man- didn't get him this week- on either song. The first one I "thought" I heard him off key a few times (and this coming from me, a member of the "Tone Deafs") To say this was his best vocals not in my opinion anyway.
Taylor: I really liked his second is my favorite Elvis song and he did a really good job- his first one was typical Taylor.....which I like- but nothing "WOW" about it.
Chris: well what can I say? I loved both songs- he did really really good- he has developed a lot since the beginning and I don't think I feel that way about any of the others. Chris has learned to step out of his box and yet still stay true to his passion- The others are all great singers but Chris' is the only album I'd buy........
so who then you ask?.......I think Elliot and Kat will be in the bottom two and Kat will go home......If it were up to me and I had the final decision I'd send Taylor home even though he is one of my favorites- but the other 3 have stronger voices......then I'd send Elliot home and then I'd crown Chris "The American Idol"!!!!!

On a different note.....had a dream last night that I found a manila envelope with a lot of money in it. My husband and I tried to find its owners and nobody would claim it (ummmmm obviously a dream since we are in the street yelling, "did anyone lose this envelope with a lot of money in it?) We tried to bring it to the police station and they said there was no way they could find the owners and so we could keep it. We didn't feel right about keeping it so we tried to donate it to our Church and they said they didn't need it (okay, another piece of proof that this was actually a dream!) so that we should use it wisely.........we took it home and counted it. It was exactly what we needed to begin the adoption process! So, I'll be looking hard today while I'm out for that manila envelope!!!!!!! (and since I tried to return the money to all of those places in my dream I don't have to redo them in real life right?)



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