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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Are you freaking kidding me?

I have been stalking the mailman- seriously stalking him.....I sit in my window and watch him slowly drive down the other side of the street- and when he hits a certain house I know it is time to put on my shoes and get down to the mailbox.........I "just know" every morning that my I-171H is going to be there....well, when it wasn't there AGAIN on Thursday I called my social worker who had an email address for "the lady"....I emailed her not expecting to hear anything back but the typical.....we are processing your application as quickly as possible....blah blah blah......well- NO I WAS WRONG. Instead I heard......well- I just sent out a letter today (Thursday the 4th of Jan) that your wife will need to redo her fingerprints.....WHAT- ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I had them done originally on Nov. 4th- so it took 2 months to figure out they weren't good prints? (digital prints, mind you). and to date.....I still do not have the letter. THANK GOD that the women is kind and compassionate- I told her that Cai Wei is waiting for us and she emailed me to get myself up to Orlando by 1pm on Saturday and they'd find a way to fit me in (wasn't too hard either since we were the only people in the waiting room!) so now we wait again to find out if these prints are good. She promised she'd let me know either way ASAP and no later than Wed. plus, I kept her phone number........I'll be stalking her now!

The only good thing that came from this is I haven't cleaned a thing from Thursday until I came home today- convinced my husband that it was from cleaning products and we really couldn't risk it! He suggested maybe I should get a manicure to help the hands along......but called me out when I suggested that maybe a pedicure too would help even more!!!!!!!
If you are the praying type.....send a few to the fingerprint Gods!


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