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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I'm back!

My boys and I had a great vacation! The first week in July we packed the car and headed up to NY. My husband could not join us until our last week there- but he flew out on a one way ticket so he could drive back with us. NY is not much cooler in the summer than here in Florida- so we did not escape the heat and humidity. I enrolled the boys in swimming lessons, we visited with family and friends and the last weekend of our vacation was spent celebrating my sister's wedding! We had a wonderful time and I swear she could have graced the cover of a magazine she was so beautiful.
Jr. Spaceman and Monkey Man were ring bearers and looked so stinking cute! Monkey Man ripped the buttons off of his tuxedo jacket because he would rip open his jacket and yell "Tuxedo Man".......of course all of this kept happening BEFORE the ceremony- after a few times re sewing the buttons we gave up and pinned the jacket minutes before they walked down the aisle.
The smartest thing my husband and I did was bring a baby sitter with us to the wedding. We got to enjoy our boys until they could take no more (it was an evening wedding a few hours from the town we were staying in) and then they were brought to the hotel and my husband and I were able to enjoy a night out! Best part...our sitter was my Mother In I totally new they were in good hands.
Now the family is getting ready to send Jr. Spaceman off to Kindergarten- full day. School clothes shopping is done- we've ordered his backpack- and the list of supplies just came........I'm holding my breath as my first born takes his first few steps to independence..........


At 9:24 AM, Blogger Pickle Chatter said...

Hey, glad you are back! We've missed you! The wedding sounded fun. I love weddings. We have not been to one in a while (guess that happens as you get older) but we have one in a few weeks and I am excited! Dh's friend from college so it will be a good time! Yeah, the weather up here in the NE has been pretty hot and sticky. My house has no AC so it has been miserable here this week.

Do you have a paperchase start date yet???

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