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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Kindergarten is NOT what it used to be!

After picking up Jr. Spaceman from his first day of Kindergarten the following conversation took place:

Me: How was school?
Jr Spaceman: Great! I loved it. I met a lot of new friends!
Me: Oh I'm so glad- who did you play with at recess?
Jr. Spaceman: A girl named "L". I kissed her on the cheek. I think we are going to get engaged next week.
Me: Ummmmm- well, I think you have time- no need to rush!

don't worry- we had the "talk" about kissing....and why we shouldn't do it- he informed me that SHE asked him to- and it was on the cheek.....we still went over why he shouldn't do it and how he can kindly say no without hurting her feelings.....I seriously did not think these conversations were going to happen on the first day of KINDERGARTEN! But he loves it and I've stopped crying so all is well!


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