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Saturday, August 12, 2006


Mary over at Owlhaven ( ) has asked about moving. Do you move to your dream location or remain near family. Growing up I never saw myself leaving my hometown. I was one of the few that never complained about it being borning or too small. I loved the diversity of my town. I loved the scenery (there is NOTHING like an autumn in Upstate NY!) and four seasons have always appealed to me. My mom grew up in this town so my grandparents were a few streets away and we spent every Sunday eating dinner with them after Church. I loved that I was brought up in the church that my mom was baptized and married in. I loved eating apples that I picked and I loved that my town had historic routes. I was never leaving.

Then I fell in love. My husband shares my upbringing. He grew up in the same town I did. He was brought up in the same church, went to the same schools and even had some of the same friends (he was a few years older than me.) But he hated his job. He decided to join the military and living in our small town in NY was no longer going to be possible. So we had to leave.

In the last 9 years I've lived in two countries, 4 states and 7 houses! We are truly gypsies. Maybe I wouldn't mind it as much if we were in one place and able to lay down some roots but I miss my family everday. I'm sad my mom missed the birth of both of her grandsons. I'm sad she wasn't able to hold my had through two miscarriages. I'm sad I missed funerals of beloved family members. I'm sad my husband was not by his grandmothers side when she took her last breath. I'm sad I missed best friends weddings and the births of their children. I'm sad our families are not around to celebrate my boys birthdays, see them on their first days of school, see them score their first goals, etc.

I have seen so much and visited the most beautiful places on Earth. My children have traveled to more places in their short little lives than most adults have. I wouldn't trade our lives or experiences for anything. But it has cost us. It is a sacrifice. We plan to retire when my husband hits his 20 year mark and go back home. But we will have to rebuild the relationships. Fit ourselves back into everyones life who is still there. Although we've seen and done so much- we've missed out on a lot too. I'm not sure if regret is the right word- I like who we've become and that is a reflection of our past.......but sometimes I'm sad.


At 3:41 PM, Blogger owlhaven said...

Meg, Thanks for helps.

Mary, mom to many


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