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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Where does the time go?

My older son begins Kindergarten on Monday! I can't believe it. Friday I had to take him to the school for his evaluation and he walked to his classroom with his teacher looking so small and yet at the same ready. He held his head high- had a twinkle in his eye and that smile! He is so excited! The school has a "Boo Hoo Coffee" for the Kindergarten parents after we drop them off. My son saw the flier and said "why would you cry"? so I told him that some of the mom's will cry because they'll miss their kids but that they are also happy for them too. He said "that is silly, I'll be home in the afternoon"! So logical! What the kids don't realize is that as you are watching your 5 year old with a "too big backpack" walk away from you toward the classroom you are actually seeing your 18 year old packed and headed off to college- or your daughter in her wedding gown walking down the aisle to her future husband- probably a bit dramatic but it is the first step toward independence- the first step toward the loss of innocence and now other people are with your child more than we are........aghhhh- I'll pack the tissues now!


At 8:36 PM, Blogger andria said...

I totally agree with the college oldest starts kindergarten next Wednesday, I am definitely not ready.


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