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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

CNN, Paula Zahn and the FBI

okay- 2 of these things are related and one is off topic........CNN and Paula Zahn's attempt at ammends was lame and crappy at best- yes, I publically said crappy. That is truly all of the attention I am giving last nights version of an apology.....if you want my opinion on the matter check out any other person with a blog in the Chinese Adoption Community.......done.

FBI- well, my fingerprints should be back today- I should know whether this set was acceptable or not.....but no, the universe has one last laugh at me and decides to "break" the computer at "the ladies" desk- they also ordered the wrong part- so who knows how long I'll be waiting for this to sort itself out- I find it very hard to believe that the Orlando office has one computer to retrieve this information on.......hmmmmm makes me think they'll be asking for more money some time soon!


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