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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I can't hear you....

Please be patient while I act like a 2 year old. If I cover my ears and don't look at you that means I can't hear you right? And we all know if I can't hear you then what you are saying doesn't count right?.....all of you with preschoolers know this rule, do you think China does as well? Apparently there is a statement coming out regarding wait times or quotas or requirements......I'm not sure which is more annoying- China setting new rules or my husband being so freakin' calm and saying "we'll just have to wait and see"......AGHHHHHHH! I already know I have no choice but to wait and see what the actual announcement is- to quote my 5 year old "duhhhhhh"! I am emotional he is rational- I suppose this normally works out well but right now I am needing a reaction from him- and not a calm one......must be a man thing. I think for him he doesn't already "see" her- he just knows and trusts that she is out there- somewhere/anywhere....I "see" her and she is Chinese-


At 4:47 PM, Blogger Pickle Chatter said...

Yeah- doesn't the rumor of an announcement just suck. New rules and guidelines. Sucky! I just read on RQ's site that people are starting to talk quotas but more towards year end. I personally think that a quota is going to happen soon. I know you guys were thinking about starting up early in 2007 but you may want to consider pushing it up a bit just to get a spot if a quota is in place. I went on APC over the weekend and did a search with the word "quota" and read postings all the way back to October of 2002. It seemed that the CCAA announced in October that they would have a quota system in place by December 1 that year. By June GWCA had already used up their quota slots for that year. Luckily it was only in place for one year. I heard somewhere that the CCAA runs on a calendar from Dec 1- Nov 30th so something may happen this fall. I'm still waiting for my I-171H.


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