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Friday, June 09, 2006

House Guests

Well we are done being hosts. My best friend and her family came down for a quick visit. We had such a good time reconnecting and watching our children play like they still lived down the road from us. It is amazing how kids can pick up right where they left off. I'm grateful for that since we move so frequently. We took the kids to Disney. Oh my goodness- what fun. My boys had never been and the look of pure innocent joy. At every turn they were more surprised and more excited and couldn't say thank you enough. We had a great time.

Now that Mickey has most of our money and all of our energy (we are still recovering!) and our guests are gone- it is time to get back into our routine.....and begin to get ready for our holiday in NY. I have a ton of laundry- rooms to rearrange and very tired children who need to rest today- hope it all gets done!

I checked CCAI's web page today and noticed that they have changed the est. time for adoption again. It is now saying the average adoption will take 19-21 months. Wow- a huge difference from when we began researching this. This creates some interesting challenges for us- outside of the "oh my goodness how will I endure the wait"? We move every three years and when we begin the process in Jan. we will already have been in Florida for 1 year. That only leaves us 2 years left in this state (and who knows where we will be next). I'm not sure how it works when you move- and we would most likely move before the adoption was completed. This is a bigger consideration than just having the home study updated. When we move my husband usually has to return to the "school house" in California and receive training for his new job. That is anywhere between 3 weeks to 3 months. Then getting resettled in our new home- finding schools- socializing our children- my husband figuring out his new job and squadron.....and then asking for time off to travel- of course with no definite plans and things could change at any minute ! I imagine the conversation would go something like "Hello sir, this is Capt. R. reporting for duty. Yes, Sir, our travels went well and I'm looking forward to being a part of this squadron and mission. Oh and by the way Sir, my wife and I are 3/4 into an international adoption and I'll be needing anywhere from 3-4 weeks off at some point. No, Sir I have no idea when that will be- No, Sir I can't call China and find out any definite answers. Yes Sir, if I had to guess it would be sometime in the next 3 months......No, Sir, I don't have any dates...." and this would go on and on and on.......Oh my- the thought gives me hives! It surely would not make a great first impression.
My husband has asked me to pray and consider that maybe E. isn't in China.......I have a hard time believing that.....but 6 months ago I asked him to pray and consider that our family wasn't complete....he was hesitant but willing- and here we are......


At 9:53 AM, Blogger Pickle Chatter said...

Well, so much information here to comment on...
#1 - I was just on the CCAI site but I tend to log into the parent access part and skip the rest of the site. Where did it say 19-21 months? WOW that is a huge bummer.
# 2 - Your husband does what exactly? I am a lay-person when it comes to military service jobs but that is what it sounds like. Do you really have to move exactly every three years?
# 3 - I just read the most depressing and unsubstantiated rumor over on RQs site and I am wallowing in self-pity right now. Granted it is perhaps a bit premature to be wallowing but I am a panicker. The rumor goes that someone in Spain was denied from submitting her dossier b/c CCAA is no longer accepting them. Yes, vague and scary and hopefully, wildly not true! The other rumor is that agencies have been told to expect a package on Monday. YIKES what's in the package- TAs or the "announcement"? OOOOOHHH in light of the rumor from Spain, I hope it is not the announcement. Just my luck, our dossier will be half way through translation and the door will slam shut. Like at the grocery store when you are waiting in line and just when you are a person or two away from the register and the clerk unappologetically places the "register closed" sign up! AAAACK! Now I get to panic for two rumor-free weekend days while my dossier sits at CCAI mocking me for being completed and not yet sent. Oh I am in rare form this morning.

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