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Thursday, June 01, 2006

My Mom........

My mom is a wonderful women. I could go on and on about all of the wonderful things she did for us- how she nurtured us, educated us, and taught us to be good people....well, she did all of those things but if you really want to get an insight into my mom read with her was a wild ride!

Take example number 1 for instance.......My mom is (and this is her term not mine) a moody eater. She did not like to grocery shop once a week and plan out menus. Nope- she went grocery shopping EVERY SINGLE DAY. We'd get home from school and at about 4pm you'd hear the dreaded words....."hey girls, what do you want for dinner"? Agh- that meant nobody was going to agree so she would end up dragging us all to the store with her. You have to understand a bit of back history- she is a nurse. She works with some of the sickest people in the hospital as she is an ICU nurse. After my sister was born she decided she couldn't put us in daycare and took the midnight shift so she could be home with us during the day (only sleeping when we slept)- even after we went to school she kept these hours- she believed the teen years were the most important to be around for. So needless to say my mom spent many many years quite a bit sleep going to the grocery store were words we didn't want to hear.

Upon arriving at the grocery store she would immediately begin dancing (no, she did not drink- this behavior was all natural baby!) being like my mother I'd always end up joining her (this made my sisters crazy). We'd often speak to each other in Spanish during these trips. The problem was none of us new Spanish! The trip always took longer than a grocery store trip should. So by the time we all agreed on a meal and got the ingredients checked out and paid- we were all on edge. We'd load the groceries into the car- at this point you need to realize my mom is IN the car and the car IS running. Once the trunk closed- she left. Laughing her head off mind you. Yup, those of you following along with this very long post realize my sisters and I are still in the parking lot! She'd only drive a few hundred feet. Stop. Watch us run to the car. As soon as one of us put her hand on the door she went again. This didn't happen one or even two times-NO- but the entire length of the parking lot........she did finally let us in- but this happened every single time we went to the grocery store. EVERY SINGLE TIME. This was long so I'll spare you examples 2-1,000.

Sad thing, I now do this to my husband! (the boys are a bit too young- but their turn will come!)


At 8:58 AM, Blogger Pickle Chatter said...

Your mom sounds crazy! But crazy fun!!! My mother didn't have the practical joker gene but she had the "I don't need to drink to do silly stuff" gene. Dancing in the grocery store was a required sport for our family too. As we got older, my brother and I spent more time rolling our eyes though.

If you come to Salem you gotta let me know! Don't come in October- heavy number of tourists for halloween.

At 9:39 AM, Blogger Pickle Chatter said...


I just added links to the Museum and the chinese house in the post. Take a peek if you like. I use a Mac and just figured out that if you use the mac browser safari you don't have as many editing options. I just switched over to firefox and was able to add links and such!

At 1:50 AM, Blogger owlhaven said...

Your mom sounds like fun!

Mary, mom to many


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